Freeex aims to connect each authentic self to a collective movement in order to express freely our inner nature.



Freeex movement is inspired by the essence of ecstatic dance: free body movement. Our human nature is to move freely and live a life of creation. Creativity is the bridge between our inner world and the outer world. Freeex brings the process of free body movement in our daily life and adds a spice of beauty to empower women to shine their expressive self when moving. 


A space for each to explore their creative selves in a supportive and inspiring environment. Freeex has no barriers and welcomes the audacious and crazy that sleeps within to jump out of the box and dare to express.   

We believe in a world of creativity and beauty through one's authentic self within a collective safe and supportive space.


Connecting with a group of creators sharing a common purpose: a world of free expression. The concept of Freeex is a space where everyone who wants to get involved has a space to share and receive from the community. Why be alone when we can accomplish a much bigger impact together? Co-creators of Freeex are artists, ecstatic dance leaders, DJs, designers, media artists and much more. Freeex is a space and the co-creators are the heart. 


The movement

A world of free expression. 


There are two ways to live our life: create or react. Presence allows us to live a life of creation and authenticity. The journey of Freex starts with presence.


Every product of Freeex inspires and empowers the creative states of each. Creativity is life energy and guides each one of us to stay awake.


Beauty is found in an act of totality and caring. When freeex mentions beauty, it is not inspired by society's norm but rather by the grace of every movement one expresses.


In everything we do we are heartful. This includes with people, with our creation and sharing. The essence of Freeex is the heart.


Laurence Tremblay

Laurence worked in a connection center in Brazil for 2 years as a business development manager and facilitator. Within these years diving in self-knowledge, creativity became a key answer to living an optimal way of life. She brought all her knowledge together in order to create a platform for people to discover their inner creative self. Seeking herself a space to simply create and share, Freeex was developed to support who feels a calling to create and connect.

The movement got to grow!

Freeex Movement

A co-creative platform to inspire a movement of Free Expression.

Email: freeexmovement@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +554891641250


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