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Have you ever experience a free body movement process? 

Connecting to the current moment and allowing your body to move how it truly desires within a safe and conscious space. 

Workshop details

A dance outside the box

Duration: 2 hours

Includes: Facilitation space & experience

What to bring: Comfortable clothes & shoes, water and an open mind!

What to expect: Being outside the comfort zone, connecting with other participants, moving & conscious dancing, relax & meditative time. 

A gift to ourselves to enjoy and connect

Connection Intro

As an introduction to Freeex Movement, we desire to create a safe space, free of judgement and expectations.  In order to do so, we start by opening the space for each other.

Free Body Movement

Allowing your body to move consciously and creating your momentary truth through every movement. This stage is a space to explore who you are and release all barriers to simply Be. 



We aim to reach a no-mind state before the creation phase. This state will allow us to authentically express ourselves in the present moment.

Intagrating phase

After the process, be in stillness with yourself for a moment. Let your body process the experience before your mind.  To end, a space is open to connect and share with other participants. 

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Learn about the process to become a facilitator or contribute to Freeex movement

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Gain all the tools to host a freeex movement event from your home town.


Contribute to Freeex from around the world. A unique chance to start an entrepreneurial path with great support.

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Become a Freeex Dj and contribute to the conscious dancing movement with your rythme. 

Freeex Movement

A co-creative platform to inspire a movement of Free Expression.


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